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JSL Group Ltd - Terms of Trade

The following outlines the standard Terms of Trade with JSL Group Ltd for resellers and stockists (Customers) of the company's brands and products. These are updated from time to time with the latest terms outlined on this webpage.


If you have any queries about any of these terms please contact:

  1. All invoices are to be paid in advance (unless otherwise arranged)

  2. Claims arising from invoices must be made within 5 working days. Claims arising from discrepancies on deliveries must be made within 2 working days.

  3. All stock provided to the Customer on credit terms remains the property of JSL Group Ltd, together with all proceeds arising from the sale of such stock, until paid for in full. 

  4. By submitting an application, you authorize JSL Group Ltd to make inquiries into the banking and business/trade references that you have supplied.

  5. All invoices overdue by more than 14 days bear interest at 5% per annum on unpaid balance. There is also a $15 returned payment fee for any declined cheques/automatic withdrawals.

  6. In the event of an overdue account, the debt may be on-forwarded to a specialist debt recovery agency at JSL Group Ltd’s discretion. All costs of collection, including legal fees and court costs the Customer will be responsible for. This process may include a default listing of your company with their credit reporting agency, this may adversely affect you company’s credit rating with banks, credit cards and finance companies.

  7. Any credit extended to the applicant may be reduced or eliminated at JSL Group Ltd’s discretion.

  8. The Customer warrants not to bring the brands or products of JSL Group Ltd into disrepute or to cause damage to them in any way.

  9. Returned products are to be accompanied with the original packaging and proof of purchase. Returns are only available for stock provided within the past six months.

  10. The Customer agrees to sell the products in consideration of the RRP as determined by the supplier.

  11. The Customer agrees not to promote the product directly through paid search marketing on Google or other search engines.

  12. The Customer agrees that products will be not sold or traded in any form of clearance environment either website or store (for example, Groupon, 1Day, Fishpond, clearance stores, and lower-end retailers etc..) or on any online marketplace (for example eBay, Amazon, Trademe, AliExpress etc…) and may only be sold on websites directly connected and branded to their own operations that have been disclosed to JSL Group Ltd.

  13. The Customer confirms that they will only sell the products within New Zealand and will not sell to any other locations via website or other means.

  14. The Customer confirms that they will not sub distribute or on sell the products to another party for them to sell.

  15. JSL Group Ltd reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate supply of product to the Customer. The Customer may in this instance return any saleable product for a full refund.

  16. JSL Group Ltd reserves the right to amend pricing and Terms of Trade from time to time. The latest Terms of Trade will always be displayed on this website.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (selected products only)


For your Customer:  

If the consumer is not 100% satisfied with the product in the first 90 days they can return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or replacement. For this guarantee to be valid Proof of Purchase is required, the product must be returned and the claim must be made within 120 days of original purchase date.


For you the Stockist:  

As the original place of purchase you are responsible for providing to the customer a refund or replacement. To ensure that you are covered by our Guarantee please contact us via phone or email to arrange. We simply want to ensure that the above has been adhered to. Our policy is to provide a replacement product within you next order. Please note for claims to be valid they must relate to stock provided by us within the past six months.  

Contact Us:

P: 09 488 0972 or 0800 545 274


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